York Region continues to experience significant growth and demographic changes, both of which carry impacts on service needs and provisions. To better serve our community, it is essential that we work to ensure we reflect those we serve through the diversity of our staff and volunteers, and that our actions reflect these changes as well. We are committed to becoming an organization that embeds equity at every level, ensuring these principles are present in our systems and processes, and become a foundational element of our identity. While we recognize that change will take time, and that we are working against the legacies of systemic and institutional racism and inequalities, we are dedicated to moving forward with intention and through investment in the continual evolution and growth of our organization. We commit to increasing our reach to the diverse communities across York Region. We will focus on building a stronger understanding of the region, with particular attention to the removal of any barriers that limit access to community members. We will ensure our work to service every individual with excellence is completed through a more equitable and inclusive service delivery model that is culturally responsive and trauma-informed.

Our Commitments

Over the next three years, we commit to Prioritizing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through:

    • A Strong Understanding of the Region: Building a more nuanced understanding of York Region, mapping out the needs and barriers to service across different communities, particularly marginalized communities and those currently underserved by York Hills.
    • A Diverse Workforce: Evaluating and adjusting our recruitment systems and hiring practices to increase the extent to which our staff reflect the people and communities we serve.
    • Culturally Responsive Services: Evaluating and adjusting our programs and services to ensure that they are culturally responsive, accessible, inclusive, relevant, and trauma-informed, while enhancing the capacity of our staff to respond and serve all community members through ongoing knowledge transfer and learning.
    • Broadened Relationships: Diversifying our partnerships through supportive relationships with smaller, more diverse community organizations to enhance our connections to and understanding of the wider York Region.
    • Community Outreach: Enhancing our community profile and increasing awareness of York Hills’ programs and services, to expand our reach and build a more diverse and inclusive client base.
    • Systems and Processes: Reviewing all organizational practices, systems, policies and procedures through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Updating any practices that may unintentionally create or enforce existing barriers to service.
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