PATH Program

The York Hills Intensive Service (PATH Program) works with children, youth and families where there is a risk of family or placement breakdown and/or there are significant mental health concerns.

The service aims to stabilize families during times of high need by strengthening coping and resilience skills. The program is offered at any of the York Hills locations or, if appropriate, staff may see the client and family in the community, in their home and/or in their school.

This service supports by:

Supporting families to develop a plan to cope with an unstable situation.

Identifying challenges that get in the way of reaching the vision of a preferred future.

Helping families to acquire new coping skills and strategies to support improvement with identified challenges.

Developing and linking to available community services, and other supportive resources.

Enhancing case management support when required.

How do I access the service?

Referrals are made by clients/family members, physicians, hospitals, schools, other children’s mental health agencies or community agencies, through York Hills Intake Service.

Please call our intake department at 905-503-9560 in order to access this service or to find out more information about other York Hills services.

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