Community Consultation and Assessment Service (CCAAS)

The Community Consultation and Assessment Service (CCAAS) is an assessment and consultation service for children and youth (ages 0-18 years) and their families across Ontario.

The CCAAS team is comprised of several professionals from a wide variety of disciplines, including psychology, psychiatry, speech language pathology, occupational therapy and family systems framework.

This service offers multi-disciplinary consultation, multi-disciplinary assessment, single disciplinary consultation and single disciplinary assessment completed, whenever possible, in a single meeting.

Cases are brought forward by clinical professionals or case managers supporting children, youth and families when they are experiencing a clinical mental health or systemic difficulty. Services are designed to enhance service provider clinical capacity, clarify diagnoses, and/or provide guidance for treatment planning.

This service supports by:

Assisting to develop professional and family understanding around a particular clinical area through consultation and assessment.

Defining mental health concern(s) and providing recommendations and/or practical intervention strategies.

Developing a new shared understanding of the child/youth/family’s experience that can influence the current environment and future planning.

Gaining diagnostic clarification regarding child/youth’s current mental health needs at home, school and in the community.

Providing training opportunities for professionals through monthly Clinical Conversations held in York Region.

Targeting the “last missing piece of the puzzle” for professionals.

While assessments typically take place at the York Hills site, it is possible to use OTN or web-based video conferencing if distance poses a barrier.


April 2023

How do I access the service?

The CCAAS team accepts referrals from community children’s mental health agencies, Children’s Case Coordination Services, child protection agencies, and certain personnel from school boards across the province. The lead case manager working with a child or youth and their family should contact the CCAAS Coordinator at 905-503-9560, ext. 9628, to arrange an intake phone call to discuss service eligibility.

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