Respite Services

The York Region Centralized Children’s Respite Service (YRCCRS) is a time-limited service designed to offer relief to families/caregivers who are overwhelmed with caring for a child/youth.

This program is for families who live in York Region and who are actively involved with a Children’s Mental Health agency. The Respite service is a guided individual therapeutic and activity-based support. It is offered in the family home or in the community.

This service supports by:

Offering short breaks for the child/youth, parent and or caregiver.

Reinforcing the child/youth’s treatment goals to improve their effectiveness.

How do I access the service?

In order to ensure that services are delivered in a responsive and integrated manner, Respite Services must be part of the core treatment plan as determined by the referring case manager/team. Referrals are made by professionals who are directly supporting the family in other services.

Please call our intake department at 905-503-9560 in order to access this service or to find out more information about other York Hills services.

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